Pavel Svedomsky - portrait (June 07, 1849,  Saint- Petersburg - August 27.1904, Switzerland),

artist of style and historical artist.

Hereditary nobleman. The brother of the painter . . Svedomskij.

Spent his childhood together with brother Alexander in the family estate - the village Mikhailovskiy Zavod (the parish Osinskiy, the county of Perm). Studied in the Dusseldorf Academy of Arts in Munich; his tutors were Eduard Gebhardt and Mihaly Munkacsy. Together with brother he travelled over the European cities. Since 1875 the brothers settled in Rome, but almost every summer they came to the family estate Mikhailovskiy Zavod. In 1879 P.A. Svedomskij obtained the title of the Honorary Free Society Member and obtained a silver medal by the Academy of Arts for the pictures "Moscow is burning" and "The daughter of Camelia".

He took parts in the exhibitions by the Academy of Arts of Saint Petersburg, in the international and other exhibitions.

Paintings of Pavel Svedomskij are varied in genres. He created a series of big historical canvases ("The school of neives", "Julia, the daughter of Augustus, in the exile", "Socrates at the door of Xanthippe" and very interesting "Phulviya and the Head of Cicero" which characterizes  Svedomskij as a great psychologist and expert of a womans soul). The picture "Medusa" (1882) was bought by famous Russian gallerist P.M. Tretyakov and during the life of the collector it conserved in the exposition of the gallery.  
In the last years of his life Pavel Aleksandrovich referred to the national history and painting of genres. ("Poor fiancée"; "Gods fool", "Evening", "Fire in Moscow, 1812", "Execution of Yermak").
Paintings in the Saint Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev, were the brothers worked during 10 years, hold a specific place in the creation by the painters Svedomskij. Pavel Svedomskij in collaboration with Wilgelm Kotarbinskij painted lateral, namely the north and the south, naves of the Cathedral, draw six scenes from the life of the Christ ("Ressurection of Lazarus", "The Last Supper", "The Entrance to Jerusalem", "The Agony in the Garden", "The Judgement of Pilate" etc.).

Creations by Pavel Svedomskij are spread in many central and regional museums. The canvass "Two Roman women with tambourine and flute" and the original drawing of the church painting "Journey of the Christ to the Crucifixion" are located in the State Art Gallery of the town of Perm. Five pictures of the Pavel Svedomskij, including the picture "Peasant Household" (1874) and the picture "In the workshop of masks" (1894) are in the collection of the Tretyakov State Gallery.

Pavel Svedomskij died in 1904 in Rome (Italy). Buried in the cemetery of Testacho in Rome.


Works of artist:
Ascension of Christ
Transfiguration (of Jesus Christ)
Fulviya and the Cicerons head
Roman lady near the lake
way to Golgopha