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St Volodymyrs Cathedral

Dedicated to memory of Farther Ioann (Chernenko)

This site is about St Volodimirs Cathedral in Kiev



I suppose you do not know much about Kiev and about one of the most beautiful Cathedrals in this great city - Cathedral dedicated to St Volodimir - an ancient Prince who baptized Kiev Rus.


The inside paintings were made by famous artists of that time and their works are the true masterpices which are very difficult to discover in the conditions of the Cathedral. Some of them very high, some in the places with limited access, sometimes there simply not enough light...


For me was even more exiting to understand who all these people are, looking on us from the ancient walls. The whole history of ancient Rus (do not confuse it with modern Russia which was much on the north from Kiev - a wild rarely inhabited territory at that time) could be traced by looking on private history of these people who are now the saints of the Ortodox church.


I hope it would be also an interesting reading for you.


Couple of word how to use this site.


The most exiting in my opinion is to use the VIRTUAL TOUR gallery where you can enjoy the 360 degrees panoramas of inside decoration of the Cathedral, including the completely closed for visitors areas, like altar for example.. Using the SCHEME OF PAINTINGS and CATALOGUE you can discover the paintings that draw your attention. Every painting has and article about it and corresponding materials.


History of Cathedral and people who created this masterpiece - Authors - I hope would be also interesting for you.


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