Short Chronology of
St Volodymyrs Cathedral

Short chronology

988 - the prince Vladimir Svyatoslavovich, alias Krasno Solnishko (Red Sun) (great grandson of famous legendary Ruryk) baptizes Kievan Rus and becomes Saint

1147 - his great great grandson Youriy Dolgorukiy ("long handed") passing through the lands of the boyar Kuchka, orders to execute the last for impudence, marries his daughter with his own son Andrey and founds Moscow on his lands

1155 - great great great grandson of Saint Vladimir and the son of Youriy Dolgorukiy, the prince Andrey, without the knowledge of his parents escapes from Vyshgorod under Kiev to the north, towards the lands of Suzdal, taking secretly the holy icon of Mother of God from the Cathedral of Vyshgorod, painted by the evangelist Luke. After setting in the remote town of Suzdal - Vladimir, he develops an impetuous construction, he builds the Dormition Cathedral and the Golden Gate like in Kiev, tries to split the Metropolitanate of Kiev by asking to Constantinople an independent from Kiev post of metropolitan for his companion Fedor (in consequence he was executed in Kiev and in the church history he remained under the pejorative nickname "Fedorets - dissident").

After having received the refusal, in alliance with Polovtsians he lays siege to Kiev and sacks it during 3 days, sets fire to the Lavra and the Temple Sophyevskiy.

He receives the nickname "Bogolubskiy"

1174 - he was killed by his boyars though as his "long handed" father before it.

In 1754 Bogolubskiy becomes saint as the defender of orthodox faith. The center of Empire is not in Kiev long ago. The history of stealing of the icon of Mother of God (name in consequence as "Vladimirskaya") is understood as a spiritual succession in the shift of the center of orthodoxy from Kiev to Moscow and the Saint Andrey as a key and necessary element for the justification of such succession.

1852 - in Kiev the construction of the monument to the Saint Vladimir was finished. The Metropolitan of Kiev denies sanctifying it, where the prince overthrew the idols but not erected, and calls upon to erect a temple in the memory of saint prince

1852 - With the permission of the emperor Nikolay I a nationwide whip-round for the temple construction was declared. The metropolitan Filaret personally contributed one half of a million dollars (in todays equivalent).

1859? The Architect Ivan Storm represents the project of a colossal temple of thirteen cupolas with the estimate cost of 40 million dollars. The project was declined but for this project Storm was appointed as the academician of architecture

1861 Eparchial architect Sparrow sequestrates the project till 7 cupolas and the budget till 6 million dollars. Nevertheless he doesnt want to realize his project because he is very busy.

1861-1862 the other architect Aleksandr Beretti without philosophizing changes the scale on the Sparrows drawings thus increasing the temple half as much again. Walls and constructions are without changes.

1862 during the construction tender the merchant Khavalkin interrupts the offers of the merchants Shtronberg and Rapoport and with those the offer of Fedorovich and is obliged to build the temple for 4 million of "greens" (100 000 roubles). The offers is his.

July 15, 1862 - the metropolitan of Kiev Arseniy put the first stone into the construction.

1866 - the cathedral built till the cupolas level was broken down. The academician Storm went and accused the re-developers of the project. The construction has been stopped for 10 years.

1875 - passing through Kiev the emperor Aleksandr II sees the unfinished object and orders to finish it immediately.

Ad locum the architect Bernhard called from Saint-Petersburg makes the recalculation of vaults and adds to the project the side naves for the strengthening of construction. The architect of Kiev Nikolaev heads the construction and finishes it in 1882. The Cathedral is ready for decoration work.

1883 a prominent expert of Russian old times, professor Prakhov represents his project of paintings in monumental traditional and of course expensive style. The Construction Committee is greedy but the intervention of the main sponsor of works - the chief of gendarmes of the graph Tolstoy (however MVD (Ministry of Internal Affairs donated 200 thousand roubles - almost 5 million dollars) tilts the balance to the advantage of the Prakhovs project

Prakhov likes Vrubel - they worked together on the reconstruction of paintings at the Church of Cyril but Vrubel likes very much the wife of Prakhov and all in all he takes only paintings of ornaments from the jealous professor.

Spring 1885 - the cathedral is plastered and is ready for finishing. Surikov, Polenov and Ghe deny from the work for different reasons. Servov and Vrubel werent like by their sketches. Jack-pot and place in the history go to Vasnetsov and some talented painters of Italian School.

The Works last 11 years instead of the planned two. Vasnetsov painted more than 4 000 square meters, Nesterov painted 2500 square meters. It is cold in the temple, Vasnetsov had poor health, sometimes he fell from framing, but the God protected him.

Upon the end of the works Victor Mikhaylovich pronounced the sacramental phrase: "I lighted my candle for the God".

1896, August 19 - the first night service. On the following day in the presence of the emperor Nikolay II the Saint Volodymyrs Cathedral was sanctified by the metropolitan Ionikiy.

44 years, 3 emperors, 3 metropolitans, 5 architects, 6 painters with the world names - so much talent, will and efforts was contributed to the creation of this Temple, the doors of which are opened during more than 110 years.....